A Trip to London

by Lindsay Mercer.

Here’s a brief outline of Saturday. 31st January 2015.


RouteMap3      Having woken up to a snow covered outlook, my daughter Victoria and I caught the train up to London Waterloo and then across to Charing Cross on the tube where we met up with my two sisters, two nieces and my mum.
We all met up in Northumberland Avenue, just off Trafalgar Square and boarded the Afternoon Tea Bus for our tea and tour.
1016838_10152945187052870_5885970239342268130_n 1506829_10152945187067870_4947446214648214771_n1Unfortunately the weather was dismal, very cold and rainy and because of lack of heating and lots of bodies on the bus the windows kept steaming up so visibility of the ‘sights’ was not that good. The Afternoon Tea itself was lovely but I was a little disappointed as there was no commentary on the bus. There was a French gentleman and two ladies who were in charge of serving the drinks and food and every now and then the Frenchman would come along and point out one of the sights as we passed it. He was delightful but had the strongest French accent and was very, very difficult to understand! However, if you were deep in conversation you often found yourself craning your neck to see what you had just passed!



1798732_10152945186522870_5351353341859223568_n1     We started at Trafalgar Square, very briefly went past the London Eye and then on past Big Ben, the back of Buckingham Palace (it would have been nicer to see the front). The tour then continued on past Harrod’s, the Royal Albert Hall, through Notting Hill (the run down part!) and then past Marble Arch. This was very nearly missed as we were all laughing and joking and no-one had mentioned that it was approaching! The journey was one and a half hours long and by the time we returned to Trafalgar Square the weather was even more miserable. We had talked about doing something else but because of the weather and the fact that my mum is not that steady on her feet for long periods of time we decided just to find somewhere warm and dry that we could spend some more time chatting and enjoying each others company.

1374930_10152945187062870_6804424114938026014_n110442344_10152945192337870_746231281949611293_nWe found a lovely little pub in Northumberland Avenue called The Sherlock Holmes and enjoyed a lovely couple of hours with a drink and lots of chat and laughter.

Sherlock Holmes pub1At about half four mum, my two sisters and my two nieces jumped into a cab back to Liverpool Street whilst Victoria and I hopped on the London Underground at Charing Cross back to Waterloo. We then had a very long journey home due to engineering works but all in all it was a lovely day – we do not all get together often enough so it did

10247319_10152945192347870_7182699173645857232_n1make a lovely change.

PS: We also got given a little cake box at the end so that we could take home any cakes that hadn’t been consumed – the cakes were delicious!

Gill wrote on Facebook: Lovely day in London with all the ladies of the family:- Sarah, Lindsay, Victoria, Liz, Bethany and my dear mum.

MEMO: There is a large blue cockerel in Trafalgar Square which I wanted a photo of but the weather was so grotty that I didn’t manage to get one. Just in case you are interested here is a link re the cockerel:


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