On Saturday, 16th May 2015, Steve Hammond took Lynn Holman for a walk in London – in the City area and mainly of historic places. They did get rather caught up with a display of models of Shaun the sheep which were then dotted around in London. The images of Shaun will come later in this article.

This article is not a specially written travel type one – it is from Facebook postings and comments with photos and a few added explanatory notes.

First the route: A hand drawn map by Steve. The visiting points are numbered. Arrow indicates the start point.

11136756_10153075479187326_3920490766830287948_n1The Route Map

Lynn: I asked Steve to remind me where we walked, he didn’t expect me to publish his rough map with spelling mistakes but I rather like it.

Arthur: I like it too. Maps of any kind fascinate me.

Lynn: I wanted to know how far we walked but hadn’t the energy left to investigate


Next some general Facebook comments about the outing.

Lynn added 33 new photos to her Facebook album: London History walk.

Lindsay: Could you please label these so that I know where they are – thanks!

Lynn: I’m getting on to it Lindsay, give me a chance, busy busy w/e!

Lindsay: Excuses, excuses!

Peter: Beautiful pics. My favourite city!

Lynn: Where is my picture of the two tiny mice fighting over a slice of cheese? That was the first thing we visited. Took me ages to spot them. Twelve places you wouldn’t spot if you weren’t looking. ( London’s littlest places – from its smallest statue to its…) Link to http://www.telegraph.co.uk/…/Londons-tiny-attractions

smallest3_3117040kSmallest statue

Two tiny mice fighting over a piece of cheese have adorned the cornice at the left side of the building on the corner of Philpot Lane at Eastcheap, EC3, since 1862. They’re said to be a memorial to two men working on the Monument nearby who fell to their deaths during a scuffle when one accused the other of eating his lunchtime cheese sandwich. Mice were subsequently discovered to have been the culprits


No 1. The Monument

11222680_10153075476172326_2068320845838503478_nThe Monument    –   Fish Street Hill

11265252_10153075476157326_8261350387612027002_nThe Pedestal of the Monument

11295691_10153075477192326_1764597219402738597_nThe Plaque for the Monument.

Jenny: Was the Monument open, Lynn? Did you climb to the top?

Lynn: It was open, Jenny but I didn’t want to kill Steve Hammond at the start of our day!

Arthur: I have a certificate for climbing to the top on my 75th Birthday. Just boasting.

Jenny: I have a certificate too Arthur – I’ll give it another go when I get to 75 (wink)

Lynn: A Link http://www.themonument.info

Arthur: This is the fun bit, Lynn. Looking up all the places you visited and were too tired to appreciate it all at the time. I like the contrast between the old [monument] and the new [the crane].

Lynn: True Arthur, I was excited to be seeing London properly and very distracted by Shaun! Steve likes the contrast too but I rather think the new spoils the old and not sure I like seeing so many tall cranes about. But it does fascinate me how they can build tall buildings in such small spaces surrounded by so many other buildings.

Arthur: Fascinating subject which I once looked – how the cranes are erected and then dismantled later.


No 2. The Walkie Talkie Building at 20 Fenchurch Street

17642_10153075503142326_4893151925640803151_nThe Walkie Talking Building – the new tall one!

11258906_10153075476162326_1561967294502752476_nA very interesting wall opposite the walkie talkie building.

Arthur: I have never heard of the walkie talkie building.

Lynn: It’s in the picture with the one with the Dutch shaped gable.

Arthur: Thanks.

Lynn: There are three floors of sky top gardens to visit but they wouldn’t let us in! You have to book at least three days in advance but nobody told us.

Link: http://skygarden.london/plan-your-visit

Lynn: Fern will be working here when her maternity leave ends. This building was melting cars a while back!

Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-23930675

Arthur: Was that the place with the dangerous reflection of the sun?

Lynn: Yes it was Arthur, around the time that my curved garden mirror tried to set fire to my shed!

11295578_10153075476342326_8815197015894688563_nClose up of the Wall

Lynn: This is the wall I was telling you about Fern. I want updates when you get back to work please x

Fern Oki doki x


No 3. The Tower of London.

10982467_10153075476522326_4164209229962071228_nThe Tower of London

Arthur: My old home in the 1940s.

11108982_10153075476272326_6407724850694339498_nThe Tower seen from Tower Hill

11018344_10153075476447326_4247785412401442993_nTraitor’s Gate entrance to the Tower from the River Thames.

11220811_10153075476407326_5500478221529873806_nAt the site of the old menagerie.

Link: The lion statues made of wire……… http://www.viewlondon.co.uk/whatson/royal-beasts-at-tower-of-london-article-10531.html

In an email from Lynn: Another thing that I didn’t know at the time. There was no explanation or plaque to read and we did wonder last Saturday what they were doing there. Now I know. I will be able to tell Steve something he doesn’t know!

1506868_10153075476337326_468206841473280438_nTower Hill

The church is All Hallows-by-the-Tower

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_Hallows-by-the-Tower 

The ticket office is for admission to the Tower. But it is free to walk around the river side area.


11205618_10153075476227326_3239253038183774012_nThe Hung Drawn and Quartered Pub.   –   6-27 Great Tower Street.

Lynn: Opposite the Tower of London if you get thirsty.


No 4. St Katherine’s Dock and The Dickens Inn

11013271_10153075476587326_941638317536079574_nSt Katherine’s Dock     –    50 Saint Katharine’s Way

Lynn: St Katherine’s dock. A quiet contrast a minute away from the hustle and bustle at the Tower of London.

Arthur: An amazing little place to visit. Love going there.

Gill: Sarah works there. Her offices overlook the dock.

Lynn: Lucky Sarah!

Arthur: If I remember correctly I once saw a Thames sailing barge in there. Cannot remember where it was registered.

Nicola: We saw a Thames barge in there when we went to see the poppies at the Tower, I can’t remember where it was registered either.

Arthur: What poor memories we have.

Subsequently Arthur checked on Index Item No 20 where he recorded seeing six sailing barges there and one from Maldon on 8th September 2004.

11071779_10153075476567326_2270861268163992140_nThe Dickens Inn    –    At St Katherine’s Dock.

Lynn: 120 tonnes of building moved just 70 metres to make room for housing at St Katherine’s dock. Lovely atmosphere here and a nice glass of wine.

Nicola: I can see where your priorities lie, no time for food but time for a glass of wine.

Lynn: Of course!

Deb: Love that pub.


No 5. Tower Bridge

no photos

We crossed the river from north to south going over Tower bridge. Thus into the Southwark area.


No 6. Potters Field Park

10431708_10153075476602326_4330448972054837666_nHay’s Wharf

Arthur: The tobacco warehouse is further to the east on the north side of the Thames – an interesting place to visit.


No 7. The Shard

11014850_10153075476607326_5344801792658231392_nThe Shard   –   32 London Bridge Street

Lynn: The shard…..and if we’d gone up a few steps we’d have seen another ‘Shaun the sheep’ according to the nice couple we met wearing sheep ears and carrying multiple ‘shauns’ in their rucksack.

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Shard


No 8. The Old Operating Theatre

1517841_10153075476647326_3993149564205986326_nThe Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garret (Next door to the Shard).

Lynn: An interesting museum full of old operating instruments and herbs used to treat all sorts of illnesses.

Link: http://www.thegarret.org.uk

11108374_10153075476712326_7844700989086166849_nInside the Operating Theatre

Lynn: Frightening to see the illustrations of operations performed here on the small operating table without anaesthetic or the sterile conditions that we expect today!


No 9. Borough Market

No photos.


No 10. Cross Bones

11107168_10153075476732326_1879093702124121321_nThe old burial ground plaque

Arthur: The Bishops of Winchester owned that area that specialised in brothels. Thus the name for the prostitutes.

Lynn: Cross Bones is a sad quiet place that is packed to the brim with dead people. Just round the corner from http://www.clink.co.uk the prison museum that you have to pay to enter. We didn’t enter, far too much free stuff to see!

Link: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross_Bones

11144415_10153075477222326_6660777430486847301_nThe new name

11009182_10153075476212326_5210202842689729742_nProtest at the change of name.


No 11. Globe Theatre

11141335_10153075476747326_5554389805461791383_nThe Globe Theatre

Lynn: Shakespeare’s globe. Steve fancied seeing a play here but I didn’t. Had enough of Shakespeare while studying for my English lit exam

Link: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shakespeare%27s_Globe

memo: Not the original Globe but a modern reconstruction.


The Tate Modern

Lynn: I forgot to mention our visit to the Tate gallery. What on earth is that about! Call me a heathen but I didn’t understand anything there. It was a special dance weekend too with people prancing about doing things I struggled to understand, I couldn’t wait to get out of there. My third visit there and each one gets more confusing!


Then a walk back to the north side of the Thames over The Millennium Bridge.

22696_10153075476812326_4798699165648868366_nThe Millennium Bridge

Arthur: Very good view of St Paul’s from that bridge.

Lynn: The millennium bridge, legs aching now, close to the end of our tour


No 12. St Paul’s Cathedral.

11215861_10153075476842326_113454035069635098_nSt Paul’s Cathedral

Lynn: A link: https://www.stpauls.co.uk/…/sightseeing-times-prices



No 13. Postman’s Park

11225447_10153075477152326_1985809324758791384_nPostman’s Park –  Saint Martin’s Le-Grand

11258486_10153075477022326_3452169799235456177_nThe Monuments in Postman’s Park

10410723_10153075476927326_6391887770706777238_nThe Monuments in Postman’s Park

11139954_10153075477047326_7865989293418333191_nThe Monuments in Postman’s Park

11209554_10153075477057326_2371607181691503711_nThe Monuments in Postman’s Park

Arthur: Postman’s Park!

Lynn: Yes Arthur! Another really peaceful place to visit. Humbling plaques on the wall telling of heroic deaths.

Lynn: A Link: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postman%27s_Park

Arthur: I would walk through there every time I went to visit Amber in nearby Bart’s.

Lynn: I truly hope there are some happy memories amongst the very sad ones. xx

Arthur: Yes indeed. In the 1950s I worked in Faraday Building very near St Paul’s (as night telephonist) and explored all around there in my breaks in the early hours of the morning. It is all so very different now.


No 14. Grey Friars Garden

11159949_10153075476892326_5046268745365510900_nThe Wisteria

Arthur: Where is this?

Lynn: Christchurch Grey Friars church garden, right in front of St. Paul’s cathedral

19195_10153075477012326_8548852932689213854_nChristchurch Grey Friars church garden

Lynn: Christchurch Greyfriars Church Garden (www.londongardenstrust.org)

– – – – beautiful wisteria surrounding this garden, reminded me of the

http://www.maldon.gov.uk/…/fresh_air…/317/open_gardens/3 , Arthur

Arthur: That is an interesting link – not seen that website before. Nice to read ones own writing unexpectedly! That Greyfriars garden has been developed since I worked in that area (1950s). Very interesting.


And that is the end of this walk.


There is now a Gallery of all the Shaun the Sheep that we saw.


Escape route back to INDEX: click HERE. Or continue to see the Shaun Gallery.

 The Shauns in London.

19 - Br-ewe-nel19 – ‘Br-ewe-nel’   at the Tate Modern, Bankside.

20 - Perchance to Dream20 – Perchance to Dream – Globe Theatre

21 - Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion21 – Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion – St Peter’s Hill

22 - Out of this World22 – ‘Out of this world’- City of London Information Centre

23 - Bar Roque23 – ‘Bar Roque – at St Paul’s Cathedral.

24 - Literary Lamb24 – Literary Lamb – Temple Bar

25 - Hamish25 – Hamish – Paternoster Square

26 - Chelsea Pension-shaun-er26 – Chelsea Pen-Shaun-er -Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Gardens, St Paul’s Cathedral

PetalPetal at City Hall


For other items, click HERE to see the INDEX

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  1. Steve says:

    Great Arthur lov reading it

  2. Isobel says:

    Very interesting – it reminds me of a walk I did with Dad, after we had climbed to the top of the monument and Tower bridge.

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