World War Two Evacuees

Some years ago the BBC ran a project to collect stories from WW2 evacuees.

There is a website with many of these stories archived. I read some of them – mainly about South Woodford and Wickford. And I saved a few.

In 1991, the Maldon District Council asked for details from evacuees who were sent to Maldon and eventually the council published a book called Migration to Maldon, edited by Margaret Rooke-Matthews. Being an evacuee to Maldon I sent in an article that I had already written for the then Maldon Archaeological Group (MAG). I also asked my sister Olive and brother Donald to write in.

At that time I was in contact with a man called Terence Nunn – another evacuee. He had written a complete book about all his wartime life – about 60,000 words. He sent me the text on a floppy disc and I saved it as 14 chapters. He came from London.  It is, of course, his copyright. I do not think it has ever been published. His title was


A long read indeed.

He offered to send a ZIP copy but on We Remember Remember,  I will add just a contact point.

 Read more about it here:


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