An Outing to Cressing Temple Barns, Essex

by Arthur Cox

On 14 April 2017 my daughter, Tansy Peters arrived at my home in Maldon with her partner Ian Fisher. And, after having coffees, we set off to Cressing. There we found plenty of car-parking and we walked to see some of the places we weren’t able visit last September when there a big wedding there.

First to the Old Court Room in the old farm buildings where we saw lots of good models of large barns and descriptions of the history of this whole place. And about the Knights Templar who once owned it all. Then via a little plant shop to the major Wheat Barn. An immense building and with lots to see and photograph there.

The Wheat Barn

Barn Entrance (Ian & Tansy)

One end (half) of the wheat barn

Details of the structure – one of the main posts

(there are more pictures of this barn at the end of this article )


Next we walked to the Tudor Garden which was so much better than it was in September when it was raining. This rectangular garden is surrounded by a high brick wall. There is also a raised viewing terrace and platform. We found lots of interesting plants and features to look at.

Cowslips in the lawn area

The central fountain

A giant form of fennel and some blossom

Cardoon (Cynara cardunculus)

A formal garden area

(there are more pictures of this garden at the end of this article)


Then we went to the excellent Visitor Centre where we enjoyed our lunch – Tansy and I had delicious scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream. Ian had Brie and bread and chutney.  A good café/restaurant run by Wilkin and Sons of Tiptree.

So at mid afternoon, A very good day out, we drove back to Maldon for much talking and the downloading of our photographs on to my computer. Tansy and Ian left on their way home to Buckinghamshire.


More pictures at the Wheat Barn

Carpenter at work

Threshing with a flail

View from the raised platform


More pictures of the Tudor Garden


Arthur checking on the cardoon plants

The herbs and medicinal plants

A parterre


More pictures –


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