The Story of Teddy Bear


Jen Crick


This is Teddy also known as Teddy Bear, his exact age is unknown but he’s at least 50 years old. He was once blue, white and fluffy. He is a very much loved bear and once came everywhere with me.

He was given to me before I was born by my mother’s lovely friend Ursula known to us as Ulla. She and my mum became pen pals a few years after the war. Ulla and her family lived in Hamburg. During the war Ulla’s dad was sent to the eastern front and they didn’t expect him to return. Hamburg was very badly bombed and Ulla and her family used to go out into the countryside to sleep in fields to avoid the destruction. Luckily for them they survived the fire storm that destroyed much of Hamburg. As did her father who returned after being a prisoner of war.

Ulla and my mum used to visit each other and my mum was welcomed into Ulla’s family as Ulla was into my mum’s (makes a mockery of war doesn’t it!)

Ulla eventually met her Welsh husband on a skiing trip and after they married, they lived in Brentwood both working in the city in banking. They then moved to Keynsham near Bristol so we were able to visit them more easily.

Sadly Ulla died some years ago which upset my mother greatly.

My Teddy lives on the top of our headboard with his small family of bears but this morning he nose dived off on to the bed between me and Nige so I had a cuddle with him and I thought I’d share his story.

All this from a little bear.


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