When you are faced with personal problems that need to be resolved,

think about the following:-

“you can bury them dead or you can bury them alive”

It is better to resolve the problems completely to prevent them coming back again later.


At a house where I deliver a morning newspaper, there is a large dog that always hears me coming and jumps up at the window barking furiously. After delivering the paper, I continue on my walk and the dog stops barking. If the dog can think, it probably thinks that it has solved the problem (ie, the threatening stranger) by its barking and show of fierceness. It doesn’t know that the problem was not a real problem anyway and the stranger went away without any action on the dog’s part.    Is the dog’s view of the situation false? Perhaps it is just a different view of the world than that of my own and we are both correct. Everybody has their own world and problems and each one’s world is correct.


While walking each morning I pass a wild hedge which is smothered with columbine with the large white trumpet-like flowers. If I came from a country where such weeds did not grow, I might say “How beautiful those flowers are – just like a white Morning Glory plant.”   To most people in this country, these white flowers are simply a nuisance. Just two views of the same world.


Everybody lives in their own world and they all believe that the world they live in is the “real world” and that there is only one world and it is theirs. Other people’s worlds are not yours but they are just as real as yours. There is no single universal world common to everyone. Your personal world is the world that “you” have created by your own thoughts and experiences. If you want it to change, then you yourself must do the changing by thinking differently.


For all of us, life is a see-saw of emotions. Sometimes we are carefree, sometimes we are worried and depressed. Joy can turn to sadness and confidence can turn to despair. Don’t expect happiness at all times; treat happiness as a welcome guest to be carefully looked after. When it has gone, look forward to its next visit and don’t despair.


A Poem.



I am locked up tightly inside myself;

With no room to breathe

And no room to see.

My heart has been placed in a box on a shelf,

Inside myself.

The world’s very black inside myself;

Screaming for an end

To the troubles I foresee.

My soul left my body a long time ago.

Inside myself.

I’m already dead, inside myself;

There’s nothing there now

It’s just an empty shell

And people stare and wonder what’s happening

Inside myself.

Tansy May Cox,



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2 Responses to (07)

  1. Jan says:

    I was very interested in these thought provoking comments –

    • Thank you Jan for your comment. These thoughts of mine go back many years and
      are based on real experiences. Some were used to help family get over problems
      and see a new way forward when they were in a depressed and unhappy condition.

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